with Lee Worley & Sabine Putze

14 sierpień—26 sierpień (2017) -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Note: Info in English below Polish one!

    Mudra ?wiadomo?ci Przestrzeni, to unikalna praktyka medytacyjna rozwini?ta przez Chogiama Trungp? Rinpocze, którego zainspirowa? Tybeta?ski Taniec Klasztorny i u?ywane tam ?wiczenia, ??cz?ce trening fizyczny z rozwijaniem ?wiadomo?ci zmys?owej. Tworz?c program Mudry (1972-76) Trungpa korzysta? równie? z do?wiadcze? wyniesionych z pracy z mi?dzynarodow? grup? re?yserów teatralnych i aktorów.
    Mudra powsta?a jako poszerzenie formalnej praktyki medytacji shamata - jako wyj?tkowa metoda rozwijania medytacji w dzia?aniu, ju? poza sal? medytacyjn?, w ka?dym naszym do?wiadczeniu. Mudra, to praca z cia?em i umys?em, s?u??ca badaniu formy i przestrzeni. Program sk?ada si? ze specjalnych ?wicze?, wyk?adów i zaj?? w terenie.
    Program jest otwarty dla wszystkich – wystarczy ciekawo?? i ch?? intensywnej pracy z w?asnym umys?em.
    Praktyka Mudry na programie b?dzie wzbogacona o elementy „Maitri” - nauki o pi?ciu energiach - tzw. pi?ciu rodzinach Buddów. Uczestnicy b?d? mogli do?wiadcza? tej praktyki w sposób wyj?tkowo intensywny i bezpo?redni praktykuj?c w specjalnych domkach Maitri (dost?pnych w Europie tylko w Polsce i we Francji).

    Nauczycielka: Lee Worley wyk?ada Teatr na Uniwersytecie Naropy. Od lat praktykuje buddyzm tybeta?ski. Praktyk? Mudry rozpocz??a w 1973r. z Chogiamem Trungp? Rinpocze i jego Grup? teatraln? Mudry. Prowadzi programy Mudry w Stanach Zjednoczonych, Kanadzie i w Europie.

    Miejsce: program odb?dzie si? w Gadomiu, ok. 80 km od Szczecina, w XIX-wiecznymdworku otoczonym przepi?knym parkiem. To magiczne miejsce po?o?one na skraju wsi, w?ród pi?knych drzew i pól, gwarantuje uczestnikom odpowiedni? atmosfer? odosobnienia. Zakwaterowaniew pokojach 2-4 osobowych z ?azienkami.

    Op?ata: 1890 PLN (przy rejestracji oraz dokonaniu przedp?aty w wysoko?ci 500 PLN przed 5.06.2015),1990 PLN (rejestracja i dokonanie przedp?aty w wysoko?ci 500 z? po 5 .06.2015  Cena obejmuje zakwaterowanie, pe?ne wy?ywieniem, koszty nauczania.

    Wp?aty na konto:
    O?rodek Misyjny Krakowska Grupa Szambali
    ul.Miodowa 32/5, 31-052 Kraków, 
    Bank: Alior Bank S.A. Oddzia? Kraków
    Nr konta: 07 2490 0005 0000 4600 7243 0297

    Dojazd : Ze Szczecina do Gadomia zorganizowany b?dzie bezpo?redni transport samochodowy (koszt ok. 25 PLN).


    Mudra Space Awareness is a physical training designed as a practice for working skilfully with space and with other people. How can we experience reality fully, and precisely? Only when we meet space on its own terms are we able to have the fearlessness to remain present in intense and difficult seeming situations and work creatively for the benefit of the beings involved.

    About the Mudra Mandala
    We are extremely fortunate in Poland to have access to a fine set of the Maitri Buddha Family rooms designed by Trungpa Rinpoche which were part of his presentations on space awareness. Because of these rooms, it has become possible to combine the Mudra space awareness material with an investigation of the basic energies that inhabit that naked space. These energetic, or, "Buddha Family" principles are discovered through meditating in each of five differently coloured rooms. In solo and group improvisational experiments we learn both how these energies embody into materiality as the five elements that make up our world, and into psychological patterns of human behaviour--both neurotic and enlightened-- that make up our social structures! Working as an ensemble, taking meals, chores, and walks together, discovering the balance and dance between these energies provides us with cellular tools and understanding for how to keep ourselves and our world in harmony.

    About the Workshop
    This is an experiential workshop of meditation practice and other exercises that is quite physically and mentally demanding, especially at the beginning. The exercises will be interspersed with talks and discussions. You can think of it as a workshop of "meditation in action". If a person has physical impairments they need not be excluded since above all it is the mind that we are training in awareness. Modifications can be made.

    Limited number of participants

    Teacher: Lee Worley was a founding member, actress and director with Joseph Chaikin's historic Open Theater prior to moving to Boulder in 1976 at Trungpa Rinpoche's invitation to create the Naropa Institute theatre department. Currently her work at Naropa University is featured in the MA in Contemplative Education and in Traditional Eastern Arts, as well as the BFA in Performance Training.

    She regularly teaches Space Awareness, and performance training in various contexts throughout the United States and Europe where her students range from actors to lawyers to educators, healers and homemakers in search of cultivating more presence in their life and work. Her recent book, Coming From Nothing: the Sacred Art of Acting, provides an overview of her teaching pedagogy and technique of contemplative performance.

    Traveling informations:

    Arriving: August 14th, 3.00 p.m
    Departure: August 26th, 2.00 p.m

    Access: At present Berlin (180 km from Szczecin) is now easily accessible via several discount airlines:,, and There are now also daily budget flights from London (Stansted) to Szczecin with Ryanair. Upon request the organizers will provide the participants a shuttle bus service from Berlin to Szczecin for about 25 Euro one way and from Szczecin to Gadom for about 5 Euro one way (if there is a group of people interested).

    Costs: 570 Euro – registration before 05th May
    630 Euro – registration after 05th May
    - including accommodation, 3 meals a day and teaching costs .


    To confirm registration you should transfer prepayment of 100 Euro of non-repayable* down payment for Shambhala Krakow account :
    Osrodek Misyjny Krakowska Grupa Szambali
    ul.Miodowa 32/5, 31-052 Kraków, Poland
    Bank: Alior Bank S.A. Oddzia? Kraków
    IBAN: PL58 2490 0005 0000 4600 2234 5175

    * in case if program was cancelled it would be repayable of course